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Version 7, 2019


Customise Invoice Templates

At this time Invoice templates can only be customised by Bp Allied staff. We can create Client, Third party or Medicare templates as well as other specific Invoice templates if required
Enabling Bp Allied customers to customise their own templates is in the planning phase for future development. No release date is available at this time.

What can we include in the Invoice template?


What can't we include?


Customising the Payment (Receipt) Template

The Payment template is much more limited in it's flexibility and can only include the following:

Customising the Quote Template

The Quote template is limited in its’ flexibility and can be amended to include:
The content of the grid and the totals available can’t be changed.

What to send us to enable us to customise your Invoice templates

A picture says a thousand words! So, an MSWord document or a scanned image of your required invoice layout is incredibly helpful and usually allows us to complete the template with few adjustments. This image can be based on your current invoice or an invoice already in Bp Allied. In addition to this it is also helpful to include the following, if relevant:

Where to send your invoice requirements to


How long does it take?


Does it cost anything?