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Online Appointment Bookings

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Bp Allied Online Booking option uses a third party vendor to take the bookings on your behalf. The booking vendor will set up an integration between your Bp Allied database and their application. When bookings are sent from their application to your database they will appear in the Online Bookings section in the appointment book for processing. If allowed, they may also send through client details updates.
Before you start:
Not all Online Booking vendors have been integrated with Bp Allied. Available vendors can be found by looking in Options > Online Booking > View Vendor List. Vendors need to have their integration Enabled for them to be available to you.
Vendor names and images in this section may not represent the vendors currently available.
Vendors available: Healthsite - or phone 03 9592 8986 for more information.
Allow Client Search - This allows the Online Booking Vendor to search your database when a booking is made for a matching Client. They might use first name, last name, date of birth and/or phone number to make the match. If you have issued clients with passwords then this can also be used to make a match. Regardless, of whether this is used or not, all appointments are tentative in your diary until they have been manually confirmed. Not using this functionality, will mean that all bookings will be made with unmatched client details and will require merging into a current client record.
Practitioner Availability - must be used to set a Practitioner's available hours as these are used to determine the timeslots available for a Practitioner's online booking timeslots. Some Vendors may allow less hours than those setup in Practitioner Availability to be displayed for online booking.
Changes to bookings - Once bookings are received the practice will need to communicate directly with the client if there are any changes that need to be made to the booking. Clients can send cancellations via the online booking service into BpAllied.
Online Appointments is about setting up and managing online bookings. This includes a section on creating Practitioner Availability.
For an Online Booking vendor to be able to have access to your database you need to allow this in the Online Booking options. This is a practice wide setting and is only available via the Permission 5012. By default this permission is enable for the System Administrator and Office Manager roles. This permission will need to be updated if it is allowed for other roles.
To allow access


Set up practitioners, availability & slot allocation

For a practitioner to have online bookings made for them access needs to be given in User Administration. Then Practitioner Availability is used to determine available slots for each enabled practitioner.
To enable a practitioner
Set up Practitioner Availability
View the video - Online Appointments about setting up and managing online bookings. This includes a section on creating Practitioner Availability.
About Slot allocation
The slots created for a day are based on a Practitioner's availability as well as all the appointments and meetings currently booked into the diary. The available time left is then calculated into timeslots based on the Default Online Appointment Duration set in the section above.
For this example: Louie Collins has a default appointment duration of 45 minutes. The following slots are created
  • Day start = 8:30
  • First appointment slot = 8:30 to 9:15
  • Second appointment slot = 9:15 - 10:00
  • No appointment slots can then be allocated until 11:30am because of the meeting at 10am to 10:30 and unavailable space at 11:00 to 11:30
  • Third appointment slot = 11:30 to 12:15
  • No slot at 12:15 because only 15 minutes available
  • Appointment booked 1:00 to 2:00
  • Fourth appointment slot = 2:00 to 2:45
  • Fifth appointment slot = 2:45 to 3:30
  • No slot at 3:30 because only 30 minutes available before the end of the day.
  • Day ends = 4:00


Check appointment statuses

Online Booking and Online Cancellation status are system statuses and need to be enabled as they are used to identify online bookings in the appointment book.


Manage bookings

Bookings appear in the Online Bookings section in the right hand side of the appointment book. It can be pinned using the push-pin in the top right hand corner to stay permanently open. Each booking must be processed by an administrator to confirm the booking in the appointment book.
Processing a matched Client appointment
A client will only be matched if Allow Client Search has been enabled for the integration.
In the example below, an appointment for Fred Bloggs has arrived into the Online Booking pane, and the placeholder is displayed on the screen
Processing an unmatched Client appointment
These occur when the Client is not known in the database (if Allow Client Search is enabled) or if the Allow Client Search option has not been enabled by the practice.
In this example, an appointment for Alana Gregson has arrived into the Online Booking pane and an appointment placeholder has been entered into the Appointment Book but the Client name is not recognised.
Processing a cancelled appointment
The client can cancel the appointment from their online booking login. This will display along with the new bookings to be processed.


Set up client passwords

Some online booking vendors allow practices to set passwords for clients when they are booking online. This validates who the client is. These passwords can be set for the Client in the Client record.