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Version 7, 2019


Print the Client Management Report

The Client Management Report has been designed as a printable report with details of all the appointments in a selected period of time along with related client information like current referrals, outstanding tasks and appointments attended in relation to the referrals and this year.
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Before you start:
  • If your practice has multiple current referrals for a client, turn on the Allow Multiple Current Referrals option in Options > Client Details. All current referrals for a client will display in the report.
  • This report can also be accessed in Reports > Client Details
  • This report also complies to the standard permissions and only users with access to view a client will be included in the report. The Permission 1016: Reports - Can see All Clients in All Permitted Reports will override the Client Access permissions.
V7 Referral Updates. This masterclass tutorial explains how to use the new referral functionality in the V7 release of Bp Allied, including indefinite referrals, managing the expiry of duration based referrals as well as using the allow multiple current referral option. Also included is the Client Management report and other tips for managing multiple current referrals.

Open the report


What's included in the report

Appointment details
Referral Details
Shows all Referrals ticked as Current. If your practice has multiple current referrals for a client turn on the Multiple Current Referrals option in Options > Client Details to have them all display in the report.
Appointments that have been cancelled are excluded from all of the information calculated.

Print the report

Use the Print, Quick Print or Export to PDF options to output the report.