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Version 7, 2019


SMS Telehealth reminder (not using Zoom integration)

Given the increase in the use of Telehealth to connect with clients, below is a simple way to get your remote connection details to a client along with their appointment details.
1: Create a specific Telehealth SMS Reminder template in Data Maintenance > Reminder templates something like the following:
2: Create your Telehealth meeting and copy the meeting Invitation (or URL) as in the example below.
Please note that this example uses Zoom but you could use any other remote meeting software in the same way e.g. Skype or Go to Meeting
3: In the Appointment Book
Right click on the relevant Client's appointment
Select Send SMS
Select a the Telehealth SMS Template from the drop down
Tip: If the adhoc SMS is created from an appointment, then any merge fields will updated in the template
Paste in the Telehealth Meeting Link
Click Send
4: A copy of any SMS sent will be in the Client Details > Documents / Phone Calls > Contacts section