1. Options
Click to open myPractice Options.


2. Skin
Select the "Skin" you would like to use with myPractice.  This will change the colours and animations within the program depending on the skin selected.
  • If you on a Terminal Services client then No skin is the best option as myPractice performs better. However, on some older versions of myPractice the Options tabs display sideways if the No Skin option is selected.

Data Maintenance

3. Data Maintenance
Click to open Data MaintenanceData Maintenance allows you to add values to drop down fields and edit other areas of the program.

Merge Client Records

4. Merge Client Records
Click to Merge 2 duplicate client records into the one record.   You can choose which one to retain and which one to delete.  Click here for more information on Merging Client Records.

Sync Network Docs

5. Sync Network Docs
Found in the System tab, Sync Network Docs is used to transfer documents saved against a Client record on your computer to the server.  There is a setting in System > Options > Documents used to set this to run daily, by default at about 2pm. 
There are two parts to a document when it's added to or created in mypractice:
  •  There is the line in the database that you can see in Client Details > Documents/Phone Calls tab. This is stored in the database and is transferred via the Sync All function, and
  •  There is the actual document e.g the PDF or Letter Editor Document etc. This is transferred via the Sync Network Docs function to the server.
Each day at the time specified any files that you save in myPractice are set to be transferred to your server (or computer acting as your server) so they are available for everyone. It will not however, synchronise Invoice or Letter Templates
Why do problems arise?
  • If you are not connected at 2pm then syncing will not occur.
  • If you want a document that was added yesterday after 2pm on a different computer then it will not be available until after 2 pm today unless there is manual intervention. To do this, press Sync Network Docs on the computer where the documens were created / added. Once the documents are on the server they are available for downloading by all computers.
Document Synchronisation enhancement
In version 4 there is a process that watches the Local Documents folder for new and changed documents.  When a new or changed document is detected, it automatically copies it to the Network Document folder (only if both computers are online of course).  This new process only applies to systems that sync.  Direct connection installations should have both the Local and Network document folder set to the same (Network) location - therefore this process isn't required. The copy process runs in the background and does not impact the user interface.
If either computer has been offline for a period of time then the Sync Network Docs manual option should still be used to ensure that both computers are up to date.

Recreate Appointment List

6. Recreate Appointment List
Click to Recreate your appointment list if you are having problems viewing appointments created on another computer.  Ensure that you perform a full Synchronise before recreating the appointment list. 
Recreating the Appointment List will delete all appointments stored locally on your computer and then download a fresh copy of appointments from the server.  If you have created appointments that have not been saved to the server these will be deleted during this action.


7. Synchronise
Clicking this button will synchronise the entire myPractice database including Appointments, Client Notes, Invoices, Reminders and the Maintenance Area of myPractice.  Please note that synchronising will not synchronise your Letter Templates or your Attached Client Documents.  See Sync Network Docs.


8. Exit
Click this button to exit the myPractice program.