Tasks can be used to set reminders for yourself or other practitioners of things to be done or they can be used to track documentation or physical resources given to a client. These can be related to a client or not, have a due date assigned, and be ticked when complete. Tasks can be assigned to multiple people but once that task is completed by one person, and marked completed, that's it done.  A task is a single unit of work therefore if 2 people need to do the similar tasks, then that is 2 tasks and should be recorded as such.

Tasks can be accessed from several points within myPractice. They are found:
  • As a separate tab in Client Details
  • This can be done by following the Adding a Field instructions within the Customisation of Client Details section and dragging the Tasks tab into the right location.
  • Client related outstanding tasks can be shown as an Icon on an appointment. The number in the task icon is the number of outstanding tasks for that Client.
  • Run the Tasks Master Report to manage or review tasks for the Practice