Using this User Guide

This user guide is intended to help you use myPractice more effectively. It is currently being reviewed and updated so documentation on some features is currently unavailable. However, should you notice anything amiss please email with the details.
Finding information this User Guide
As the Guide is quite comprehensive navigating your way down the Menu on the left-hand side may seem daunting and arduous. Using the Search option will help narrow down the information that is presented to you.
An example: To find out how to add a new product carry out the following:
  • Click on Search
  • Enter in the search words "Add new product"
  • Click Search
  • The following result is displayed
Click on the links to display the content in the right-hand pane.
What do the Alerts mean?
There are two images used throughout the guide to highlight particular information.
The Orange Alert is used to identify something about a feature that may significantly impact way you use myPractice. Often the impacts may not be obvious hence they are identified
The Blue Alet is used to information about a feature that is important.
Please email with any suggestions on how this documentation can be improved.