Medicare Auth Groups Report

The Medicare Auth Groups report displays the status of all Provider Number linked to an Auth Group (MinorID) in Bp Allied.  If there are any issues with the provider numbers then this is displayed in the status field.
Medicare Auth Groups Report

Display Auth Groups

1. Display Auth Groups
Click Display Auth Groups to find any Auth Groups and the related Provider ID's registered in Bp Allied

Fix Issues

2. Fix Issues
Use Fix Issues to fix any of the lines that come back with a status that is not OK.
The status options are:
  • Mismatch - Record is active in Bp Allied and inactive at or vice versa
  • Missing - Record is missing at
  • Duplicate - more than one record in Bp Allied for a Provider Number in an Auth Group
  • OK - Record is active in Bp Allied and active at


3. Find...
Use the Find field to search for a particular word within the report, i.e. to find a particular item

Filter Row

4. Filter Row
Allows you to filter the results if required

Search Results

5. Search Results
Shows the Providers that are assigned to an auth group and their status at

Preview & Print

6. Preview & Print
Preview or Print the results

Output to Excel

7. Output to Excel
Export the results to Excel


8. Close
Close the report

Collapse & Expand

9. Collapse & Expand
Used to expand and collapse all the results.

Show Medicare List

10. Show Medicare List
Used to display the list of Auth Groups and provider numbers as they stand at alongside what is found in Bp Allied. provide the Bp Allied Medicare services.