Finding Clients with No Future Bookings

This report is designed to show all the clients who had an appointment in the selected timeframe but who do not have an appointment booked in the future, e.g. any future date from today.
Finding Clients with No Future Bookings

Date Filter

1. Date Filter
Use this filter to look at dates in the past so that groups of patients can be selected that don't have an appointment after this date.

Results Grid

2. Results Grid
Clients who mean the selection criteria.
Email Address: If there is more than one email address then this is the primary email address.
Home, Work and Mobile Phone: If there is more than one phone number then this will be the primary number.
Go to Client: Click Go to Client to open the client record.


3. Totals
The built in totalling function shows the totals of each column.
Details on how to add or change totals can be found here.

Output Options

4. Output Options
Use the standard options to Export, Preview or Print the report.