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What's new in Version 7 Service Pack 1, Revision 1

Defects and known issues

  • This revision includes resolutions for 35 defects including 5 known issues. The details of all of the defects included in this update can be viewed here.
Key points
  • Splitting invoices between a client and a third party can only be done on invoices with one item.
  • In User Administration > Provider Numbers the Active field as been renamed MOC Active to more accurately reflect it's use in managing Medicare Online Claiming Provider numbers only.
  • The messaging for adding and deleting Medicare Online Claiming Providers which are invalid or entered incorrectly has been enhanced.
  • Client computers that sync will now be able to view the Audit Log on their server as long as they are online. To be able to see all data, requires that all other syncing computers have updated the server computer by running a Sync All.
  • There is an upgrade to the embedded browser for Xero, MYOB and Physitrack to enable us to be independent of the browser changes in Windows.

What's new in Version 7 Service Pack 1


Current users will need to re-connect to Xero using the new method of Xero Connection before they can continue to export.
Please review the changed on how refunds and overpayments need to be managed.





Permissions change

  • Update to permission 5001 - Permitted to change client practitioner. This permission now only allows a user to change a Practitioner from the Not Permitted to Permitted list and assign them as Primary Practitioner. It no longer enables the ability to change a user's permissions to anything other than their default role permissions as all of the grid has been disabled except for the primary practitioner column. Please read the Quick Reference Guide on this change here.
  • Added permission 5013 to manage who can access the Customise button on the Client Details toolbar. All users are set to be able to do this by default and System Administrators will need to change the Role permissions to restrict current users if this is required.

Show available

  • Show Available has been reinstated. This is now available to be turned on in the Appointment Book options.
  • A quick reference guide of the changes is available here.

Practitioner Availability

There has been an update to Practitioner Availability to ensure that it displays the availability for all Practitioners that each user has access to view. This means that the Appointment Book will need to be closed and re-opened to enable the display of any changes made to Practitioner Availability.

Behind the scenes

Due to the Xero and Zoom integrations there is an upgrade of .Net 4.6 to .Net 4.6.1 components. This, or a later version of the .Net framework is supported by all versions of Windows from Windows 7 SP1 upwards.

Bugs and known issues

Details of all the bugs fixed in this release are detailed in the Release Notes, including resolutions to several known issues:
  • Copying an appointment may not copy across reminder indicators into the copied appointment.
  • Provider auth group information dropping from the grid when changing or adding information to a User.
  • Saving a letter to the client record not working when using secure messaging. The letter was saving to the desktop instead of the client record.

What's New in Version 7

Major Enhancements

Online appointment bookings
  • Online bookings are available using selected vendors. This enables a practice to have clients book their appointments using the vendors website (or integration into the practice website). Both bookings and cancellations are received into a staging area within Bp Allied to be processed by the practice.
  • Read more... or view the video
Physitrack integration
  • The Physitrack web interface has been integrated into the Client Details. For an authorised Practitioner, they can now view the Physitrack details for a client from their client record.
  • Read more... or view the video
Appointment book views
  • Calendars can be grouped into custom views to enable easier management of large numbers of calendars.
  • Read more... or view the video
Waiting list enhancements
  • Additional Fields have been added to the waiting list, including:
  • Date From, Date To and Consultation Type
  • New Client flag gets set if a client has no appointments
  • Priority field is available for selection between 1 and 5
  • Current client Practitioner defaults in if there is one assigned to the Client
  • Button available to view the list of client appointments
  • Values from the waiting list default into a New Appointment, if created from the Wait List
  • For, existing customers, if these fields are not seen, then they can be added using the Column Chooser.
  • Save and cancel buttons added to manage changes
Read more... or view the video
Letter and invoice email enhancements
  • A Referrer or a Third Party with email addresses can be selected for sending invoices or letters to
  • Email templates can be created and selected to improve the ease of creating invoice and letter emails
  • Invoices emailed to a Third Party are now visible against that Third Parties information in Data Maintenance
View the video
Referral management
SMS Global
SMS Global functionality has been removed. As communicated earlier this year the SMS Global integration within Bp Allied has been removed in Version 7. BP SMS was introduced as the SMS Global replacement within Version 6 of Bp Allied and has proven to be a solid and reliable service.  Please contact the Bp Allied Sales team to get started with Bp SMS.

Other changes

Item sales report enhancement
  • Appointment information can be viewed against the invoiced items displayed in the Item Sales report, if the item is appointment related. Add these fields to your report by using the Column Chooser.
Management of printed invoices
  • Saving printed Invoice options - printed invoices can be saved to the Client file using a Print & Save option, or a practice-wide setting that saves all printed invoices can be switched on. This enables easier recreation of invoices for ATO purposes. Read more...
Minor changes
  • Task Templates – now viewed in Alphabetical Order
  • Red Flag pop-up when creating an appointment – option can be set in Options > User Administration for any user that wants red flags to pop up when making an appointment.

Bugs & known issues

The bugs fixed in the initial release of version 7 can be viewed in the Release Notes page along with the current known issues.