Export logs

The instructions below explain how to download and use the ExportBPData utility to extract various logs from the Best Practice system.

Note: To obtain the logs that Best Practice Software Support require, please run the utility on your SERVER or WORKSTATION as instructed in the email you received.

  1. Right-click here and select Save Target As or Save File as to download the file to a known location, such as the Windows Desktop. This utility is compatible with all supported versions of Bp Premier.
  2. Open a Windows File Explorer and browse to where you saved the file. Double-click the file ExportBpData.exe. The following window will appear:

    Export Logs

  3. Click on the button next to Path to Export results to and select a folder to export the output to (for example, the Desktop or My Documents).
  4. Select all available boxes except for Medicare Online Logs.
  5. Click Export. This will create a file called 'BPInformation.zip' that contains all the logs selected.

Reply to the email received from Best Practice Software Support and attach the BPInformation.zip file.