Add a Third Party Biller

A third party can be directly invoiced for a Client's appointments, for example, an employer or health fund. The third party can be assigned to the Client as long as the they have been added into the Third Party Biller table.

  1. In Data Maintenance, select the Third Party Billers table.
  2. This displays a list of the current Third Party Billers.

  3. Either click Add New Third Party...
  4. OR

    Click on the Edit Details link for the Third Party to be edited.

  5. The Third Party Biller window is displayed.

Add a Third Party biller




Type in either the Name of the Organisation to pay


the First Name of the person to pay.

This field is required.

TIP  Some Practices who primarily see children add the parent paying the bills as a Third Party Biller.

Type in the Last Name of the person paying


the person that Invoice is to be sent to.

This field is required.

Preferred Payment method

Enter the Payment Method (optional).

This information will display when adding a payment from this Third Party.

Contact details

Enter in the Contact Details for the Third Party.

NOTE  If an address is entered, a Suburb/Postcode MUST be entered.


Other Notes can be added if need be.

Contact (Email)

This tab lists emails that have been sent to a third party. These can be viewed in the same way as they can for a client.


This tab shows saved invoices that have been printed for third parties. You can print documents from this tab, or open documents in the PDF Viewer or Letter Editor as a .doc or .docx file.

Only users with permission to delete documents (4023) can delete documents from this tab.