Email a Document as an Attachment

Once a document has been created in the letter editor, it can be emailed to either the Client, the Referrer or both. Choosing Email As Attachment sends the document as a file rather than within the body of the email.

Click Email as Attachment.

The Email Details screen displays.



Send to [Client name]

All email addresses are displayed (and sent to).

Third Parties

Displays any Third Party with an email address.


Displays all Referrers with an email address. If there is a Referrer related to the appointment selected, then this is displayed in bold at the top of the list.

Message template

One or more message templates can be created in Data Maintenance > Reminder Templates.

  • Using the Contact Type = Email Letter will display the templates that have been created in the drop-down.
  • If there is a default template, it will be displayed in the Message Body on opening the dialogue box.
  • Selecting a different template will overwrite the default text in the Message Body.

The text in the Message Body can be edited as usual.

Subject Line

By default this displays as the letter template name.

Attach files

This allows other files to be sent with the email.

Message Body

Insert some text into the body of the email.

Attachment format

Choose the format of the document to be sent as.

OK button

Sends an email.

If an email address is selected from Third Parties or Referrers, it is copied into the Other recipients field. Any email addresses in the Other recipients field will be displayed in the following dialogue to confirm ALL of the email address that the email is being sent to.

The email is saved into the Client record under the Documents/Phone Calls tab in the Contacts section.

Example of a document emailed as an Attachment.