You are accessing documentation for myPractice version 4. This is not the latest version of Bp Allied.
Support for this product will be discontinued on 01 February 2020.
Please contact our support team about upgrading to the latest version of BpAllied to enable this implementation.
Version 4

Finding a Practitioners free timeslots

The Find Free Time form is used to find the next available appointment time(s) for a partiulcar practitioner or for all practitioners.
Click on the Find Free Time button
The Free Time form will display.
Finding a Practitioners free timeslots


1. Practitioner
Select the Practitioner you wish to find the available time for, or select (Any) to search for the available time for all Practitioners.


2. Location
Select the Location for which the appointment is to be made.
  • This defaults to the location currently selected in the Status Bar

Date Selector

3. Date Selector
Select the date date range for which the appointment is required by either
  • Using the drop down arrows to select the date from the calendar displayed
  • Typing in the date required

Appointment Duration Required

4. Appointment Duration Required
Choose the duration of the appointment by clicking on the radio button
Choose Other if the duration required is not listed

Other Duration Selector

5. Other Duration Selector
This field is enabled when the Other Duration radio button option is selected
  • Use the drop arrows to change the value to the required Duration
  • this field increments in 10 minute intervals
  • Type in the Duration required

Find free time button

6. Find free time button
Click Find free time to see a list of available times within the Results Window below (based on the options selected above)

Results Window

7. Results Window
The Results Window lists all appointments available during the date range selected for the duration selected.
  • The results are grouped by Date as the Date field is displayed in the Group By box
  • Click on the + to expand the results for a specific date
See the Reports section for more information on Grouping and Filtering results.

Create Appointment button

8. Create Appointment button
Click the Create Appointment Button to create a new appointment within this time slot.

Cancel button

9. Cancel button
Click Cancel if you do not wish to proceed with making an appointment.