You are accessing documentation for myPractice version 4.
Support for this version of myPractice has ended. This documentation is available for reference only.
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Version 4

Manage Templates

New templates can be added into myPractice using the Manage Templates option.
Sometimes templates are no longer required so the Manage Templates option allows the templates no longer required to be deleted. This only deletes templates from your local machine and will not affect anyone else unless you are on a Terminal Server.
Click on Manage Templates
The Manage Templates form displays
Manage Templates

Template List

1. Template List
Tick the boxes in the Delete Column for the templates to be deleted.
The Blank document is required by myPractice and can not be deleted. If deleted it will be recreated by the Letter Editor when it is opened next. The Blank document MUST be blank otherwise the Template Drop Down list will not work.

Add... button

2. Add... button
Click Add to add a new file to the Templates List
The file will automatically be inserted in the Letters list.

Update button

3. Update button
Click Update to delete the documents ticked

Cancel button

4. Cancel button
Click Cancel to Cancel the delete.This will not cancel adding a file as this happens automatically when clicking Add