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Version 4

Page Layout Ribbon

Use the buttons to change how the page is laid out. These functions work in a similar way to those in Microsoft Word.
Page Layout Ribbon

Page Setup

1. Page Setup
  • Margins - use either the default margin options or customise your own
  • Orientation - change between Portrait and Landscape
  • Size - Change the page size. The standard default options are displayed or choose More Paper Sizes for an option not on the list.
  • Columns - use this to split your page into columns in a simliar way a newspaper is split up. Choose More Columns for additional options
  • Breaks - use this to insert page, column or section breaks. A Section (Next Page) break change be used if a different orientation is needed for a page within a document.
  • Line Numbers - this is used to show the number of lines used on a page

Page Background

2. Page Background
Use Page Colour to change the background colour of the document page
By default this is set to No Colour