Add a Document to Client Record

This form allows you to add a document to a client record and can be accessed from various locations through Bp Allied.
In the Document / Phone calls tab
In Find Client dialog window
Click Add Document
In the Appointments or Clients toolbar
Click Attach Document
Drag and Drop multiple documents onto the Documents section in Client Details
The Document - [Client Name] window will display
Add a Document to Client Record

Client Name

1. Client Name
Select the client to add the document to, if not already selected

File Selector

2. File Selector
Click the File selector to browse for a document located on your computer, USB stick or external harddrive.
When connecting to BpAllied via a Fully Hosted or Remote Desktop Connection a document (or scan) can be added to the client record directly from your computer by navigating to any of the drives from "your" computer that have been connected. Connection to local computer drives needs to be set in the RDP connection set up.
In the example below navigating to the C, D, Y or Z on TESTPAULA drives will allow navigation to documents stored on the computer that the remote connection is connecting from. In this instance the Local Disk (C:) drive refers to the drive of the server computer that is being connected to. None of "your" saved documents can be located on here and access will most likely be denied.

Scan a Document

3. Scan a Document
To directly Scan and save a document into Bp Allied
Click on the Scan Button.
  • Bp Allied will use your existing scanning software to scan the document into Bp Allied.  If you do not have any scanning software installed Bp Allied will be unable to scan the document. 
  • Once the document has been scanned the file path to the document will be displayed within "File to be Saved".
The scanner must have a TWAIN driver installed to be able to scan directly into BpAllied.
  • Scanning directly into a Fully Hosted Bp Allied is available with an add-on called TSScan. Please contact alliedsupport@bpsoftware.net to get this installed.

File to be saved

4. File to be saved
This displays the file path for the document that will be attached to the client record.

File Description

5. File Description
Give the file a description to help you identify the file more easily e.g. GP Referral July 2012

Document Owner

6. Document Owner
This defines who created the document. Used when a Practitioner leaves the practice and is required to take their records with them.

Selected Scanner

7. Selected Scanner
Selects which scanner to use
Scanning into Bp Allied requires that your scanner driver be a TWAIN compatible driver. WIA drivers are not compatible.

Save & Close button

8. Save & Close button
Click Save and Close to save the document to the client record. 
Once saved all documents can be viewed within Client Details > Documents/Phone Calls tab as above
Click to open the document
Click to view information about the document
Click to delete the document
Click to print the document

Cancel button

9. Cancel button
Click Cancel to quit adding a document to the client record.