Add a Phone Call/Other Message

This only records that a contact has been made with a client and include any notes typed. The duration can be captured if desired. It does not actually record the call itself.
The Client Details screens can be opened after the Phone Call/Other Message window is opened. This will go in behind the main Bp Allied screen and need to be clicked on to come to the front.
In the Document / Phone calls tab
Click Add Phone Call or Other Message
In the Appointments or Clients toolbar
Click Record Phone Contact
The Phone Call/Other Message - [Client Name] window will display
Add a Phone Call/Other Message

Client Selector

1. Client Selector
If opened from the Client Record then that Client will default into the Client field
otherwise, it will default to Select a Client
Select the Client

Start Call button

2. Start Call button    
If recording the duration of a phone call click Start Call
  • This button will then change to Finish Call

Call duration

3. Call duration   
The duration starts to run after the Start Call button is pressed
Click Finish Call to end the duration counter.

Client notes area

4. Client notes area
Enter in any notes related to the call

Save & Close button

5. Save & Close button
Click Save & Close to save the contact to the client's call record

Cancel button

6. Cancel button
Click Cancel to cancel saving the contact to the client's record.