Audit Log

The Audit Log displays the actions taken against a specific clients details for a specified period of time.
It is available from System > Audit Log
Audit Log

Date Selection

1. Date Selection
Select the time period for the actions to be displayed.
The longer the period of time chosen, the longer it will take for the records to display.


2. Go
Click Load to start the record search

Results Pane

3. Results Pane
The Results Pane displays the results of the search.
The columns can be filtered, grouped and sorted in the usual way. This may be particularily useful if there are a large number of records in the results.
In addition to the standard filters, the Old Value and New Value fields have additional Value and Text Filters available to enable in-depth searching of the values in those fields.
Multi-cell selection is available in this report.
Audit Date
The date and time that the change was made
The person (login) that carried out the change
If the audited item relates to a client, the client name is displayed here
The type of change made. For example:
Insert - add an appointment row in the appointment table
Update - change the value in a field
Delete - delete an appointment which deletes a row in the appointment table
Audited Record
The field that was changed e.g. Address
Record Key
Unique number for each audited record
Property Name
The database field name
Old Value
What the field was originally
New Value
What the field was changed to

Standard Output Options

4. Standard Output Options
Use the standard options to ExportPreview or Print the report.