Client Details

Changing the settings within MPSettings.exe could seriously affect how Bp Allied functions. Please DO NOT change any settings without the guidance of the Bp Allied Support team. Please call, email or log onto remote support if you are experiencing technical difficulties with Bp Allied.


Is editable in Options*


Client Name in Lastname, Firstname Order
Defines how the Client's name is displayed in the Clients drop down list, the Bill to drop down list and the Recently Viewed List.
Client Notes DateTime insertion Template
Defines how a timestamp is displayed when inserted into a Consultation Text box from the right click menu.
Client Search Method
This is the default column to search on in the Find Client search.
Client ID
Referral Number
This can be set by the user in the Search form.
Client Search Results in 2 rows
This saves the setting "Wrap results across 2 lines" in the Find Client Search.
Default Body Chart
Used to select the chart to be displayed or the folder that a chart can be selected from if more than one is available. Two are available: a foot chart for podiatry and a body chart. Any jpg file could be used.
Include Inactive Clients in Client List
This determines whether clients that have been set to inactive are included in the Clients drop down list.
Show Client Details on Start Up
Determins if the Client Details form should be automatically opened on starting Bp Allied. This will increase the time it takes to open Bp Allied. By default this is unticked.
Show Client Images in Appointment Book
If ticked, and where there is a picture available the Clients photo will be displayed in Client Details and when the appointment is hovered over.
Show Body Chart
If ticked, this will allows the body chart to be displayed in Client Details. It is displayed by default in the Physio, Exercise Physiologist, Podiatry and Massage layouts.
Body Chart Folder
Used to select the chart to be displayed. Two are available a foot chart for podiatry and a body chart. Any jpg file could be used.
* Some settings that are stored in MPSettings are editable from System > Options in the Bp Allied User Interface.