Manually Editing Permissions for a Client

When a Client is added each User receives their default permissions to access that client based on the role assigned to them. These can be edited, either by:
2: Client Details for the individual client
This section details changing a Clients permissions via the Client Details.
To be able to edit the permissions to view or edit a Client you must either be:
Multiple practitioners can be given access to a Client by giving View or Edit permissions, however, only one can be selected as the Primary Practitioner.
Manually changing the client access permissions for a Client / User combination will result in the Manual Update check box being ticked against that record. It can be viewed in the Client Access Permissions or Client Access Manual Update reports.

To edit access permissions for a Client

If a Practitioner is set as Primary and Consultation, History or Demographics rights = None
If a Practitioner has Consultation or History access set but Demographic rights = None, then the lines will error
and then display in red when Clicking OK to save.
Set the Demographic, History and Consultation rights so that the Practitioner can at least view these.