Preferences and Statistics

Preferences and Statistics

Payment & Billing

1. Payment & Billing
Use the drop down arrow to slect the clients perferred payment method.
  • This is used as the default payment method when an invoice and subsequent payment record is created.
Use the drop down list to select the relevant Third Party Biller for the client
  • If the Third party is not in the selection list then they need to be added into System > Data Maintenance > Third Party Billers
  • Bill to field has been updated to include a Refresh button (as below) that will reload the list of Third Party Billers displayed if they are updated in Data Maintenance.
A clients Preferred Consultation Type can be selected so that when appointments are created this Consultation Type default in.


2. Reminders
Use these tick boxes to indicate whether a client would like a phone, email or SMS reminder.
  • Ticking these from within the client details mean that when an appointment is created the reminder option is automatically ticked and the appropriate icon is displayed in the Appointment Book.

Privacy & Mailing Options

3. Privacy & Mailing Options
A tickbox that can be used to indicate that a Privacy form has been signed by the client
A tickbox that can be used to indicate that a client is on the mailing List.
  • This can be used in conjunction with the Full Client List report to export mailing list client details into Excel.
  • Or, if using MailChimp to send emails the Mailing List flag is used to indicate clients who wish to receive notifcations.

Referred by Client

4. Referred by Client
If the Client has been referred by another Client the referring Clients name can be entered into here.
This field may also be found in the Referral tab in some standard layouts.

Occupation Details

5. Occupation Details
Select an Occupation from the drop down
  • Additional Occupations can be added to the list from System > Data Maintenance > Occupations
Enter addition information into the Occupations Details

Appointment Statistics

6. Appointment Statistics
These fields displays the appointment statistics for a client.
First Appointment - the first appointment the client has entered into Bp Allied as an appointment, irrespective of practitioner.
Last Appointment - the most recent appointment created in Bp Allied
Appointment Qty - the total number of appointments the client has entered into Bp Allied
Appointments Booked this Year - shows total appointments for the current calendar year including cancelled
Appointments Attended this Year - shows total appointments attended for the current calendar year
Cancelled Qty - the total number of cancelled appointments

Client Creation Details

7. Client Creation Details
These fields display who initially created the client and when as well as when the latest update was and by whom for auditing purposes. Additional auditing information can be found using the Audit Log.


8. Segments
This is planned to be part of Broadcast SMS options.
It is not available with the initial release of Version 5.