SMS Delivery Status

SMS Delivery Status

Reminders tab

1. Reminders tab
Displays reminders to be sent for the selected day

SMS Delivery Status tab

2. SMS Delivery Status tab
Displays the reminders sent on a particular day

Date selector

3. Date selector
Calendar used to select the day for the reminder delivery details to be displayed

Get results based on...

4. Get results based on...
This allows you to toggle between viewing the details for the Appointment Date and SMS Sent Date
Appointment Date = date for the appointment that the SMS is being sent for
SMS Sent Date = the actual date the SMS is sent (this is likely to be one to two days prior to the appointment date).

Check the delivery status

5. Check the delivery status
Click the to check the delivery status of an individual reminder

Check All SMS Results button

6. Check All SMS Results button
Click the Check All SMS Results button to receive the results on all of the SMS reminders sent.

SMS Delivery details

7. SMS Delivery details
Delivery details displayed with the message detail turned on. Two of the reminders sent have been received by the intended receipient. One is yet unknown.
All SMS’s sent can be viewed by SMS sent date and delivery receipts retrieved.
SMS Global Delivery Response Codes
Delivered to Gateway
Delivered to the Clients Mobile Phone carrier - This does NOT mean that the carrier has delivered the message to the Client. The phone may be off or unavailable, or the carrier may have rejected the message. This rejection is usually because by default the carrier has a policy of not delivering messages initiated from an overseas location, or the Client has specifically requested that SMS messages from overseas not be delivered. Bp Allied uses an International SMS provider service to deliver messages to multiple countries.
Received by Recipient
Received by the Client. The Clients mobile phone carrier reports that the message has been successfully delivered to the Clients handset
Error With Message or Error Delivering Message
Usually due to the handset message inbox being full and unable to receive any new messages or an incorrect number or a number no longer in use. This can also be due to a system failure with either the SMS Provider used by Bp Allied or due to a system failure at the Clients mobile carrier.
Message Expired
The message expired before it could be delivered to the Client. Usually occurs if the handset is off, or out of range for an extended period
Routing Error
Usually due to an incorrect number
SMS Global Outgoing SMS Reports - link to the most common delivery receipt statuses.

Show Message Detail check

8. Show Message Detail check
When the Show Message Detail tickbox is unticked then the Delivery Detail lines display as below:

Edit Email Template button

9. Edit Email Template button
These can no longer be edited from here. Reminder templates are edited from within Data Maintenance > Reminder Templates.

Edit SMS Template button

10. Edit SMS Template button
These can no longer be edited from here. Reminder templates are edited from within Data Maintenance > Reminder Templates.