The following areas of Bp Allied need to be updated to enable Health Fund claiming to occur. The details on how to update these areas are below:

Updating Health Fund table

Each fund that is going to be claimed for via Tyro Health Point must be entered into Data Maintenance > Health Fund. The details to be entered are:
Please contact the Bp Allied support team for a list of these details of required at alliedsupport@bpsoftware.net.

Updating Products and Services table

Each Health Fund has its own series of Item Codes that can be claimed against. There are also some common claim Item Codes. When creating a Quote or an Invoice against which a claim request is sent, the Item Code is used to determine which Item is being claimed for and therefore what rebate is received. These Items need to be created in Products and Services. There are two fields that are required for a valid claim to be sent:
Service Type can be selected from the drop down list of values available.

Update Provider

Each Health Fund that a provider requires claims to be submitted for needs an entry in their user information. This is entered into System > Options > User Administration > Provider IDs. The details required are:

Update Client

Each client having a claim processed on their behalf requires the following information:
The currently available field called Health Fund Number (or HealthFund / DVA Number in V4) is not used in processing a HealthPoint Claim. The client MUST provide and swipe their Health Fund card to have a claim submitted via Tyro HealthPoint. The clients HF Family Number can be saved.
See the Adding more Client Details section on how to update / add these fields to a Client’s record.

Pair the Tyro Terminal

This is carried out in the same way as for Tyro Eftpos. Discuss with Tyro Support whether the terminal will need re-pairing or rebooting if adding HealthPoint to an existing Eftpos setup.