Special circumstances and Settings

This section details how the treatment of invoices and payments in various statuses and circumstances are treated.

Invoice statuses that are not displayed in the Export grid

Quotes are not displayed or exported, nor any Invoice with Status = Draft, Booked or Accepted.

Exporting Medicare Claims

The Claim status field is displayed in the MYOB export > Payment export report. The report only exports Processed and Completed claims to avoid exporting the payments related to claims that are yet to be processed and come back as rejected.

Update an Invoice without a Payment

If the invoice in Bp Allied has the invoiced amounts changed, this will be updated in MYOB. No updates will be applied if the Invoice has a payment attached. These will need to be updated manually.

Delete or Void an Invoice without a Payment

These will be deleted in MYOB. Once deleted in MYOB there will be no trace of them ever existing in there. The exception is, if the option “Transactions CAN'T be changed; They Must be Reversed [System-Wide]" is checked in the MYOB Setup > Preferences > Security tab.

Delete or Void an Invoice with a Payment

This will need to be manually changed in MYOB to reflect the change made in Bp Allied. The API does not allow the automated updating of this.

When are deleted or voided Invoices viewed in the Export grid?

Deleted or Voided Invoices with an MYOBGUID of all zeros (MYOBGUID = '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000') will not be seen in the Sales Export. They will only display if the Invoice has been previously exported to MYOB (and the MYOBGUID does not equal all zeros) and has since been manually deleted or voided.

Effect of exporting a payment without full allocation to Invoices

If a payment has been received that needs to be allocated to multiple invoices, but, at the time of exporting the MYOB the full payment amount has not been fully allocated, then the following will happen:

How refunds are exported to MYOB

Because Bp Allied does not create Credit Notes as part of the creation of a refund, we have to artificially create one when we export them to MYOB. We do this by:

MYOB Settings

Two MYOB settings are taken into account when the export is carried out:

Invoice, Payment and Refund Numbering

MYOB will allow duplicate numbers Invoice, Payment or Refund as long as the client the invoice is attached to is different. However, because number ranges for all of these items can be in the same ranges, the letter I, P, or R has been prefixed to the ID while exporting to MYOB to avoid confusion between the GLIDs. This makes it easier to compare the transactions between MYOB and Bp Allied. 
For example:

Invoice Item Code concatenated onto the Item Description

Invoice Item Code has been prefixed onto the Invoice Item Description in an invoice, however, the invoice item code can’t be added to the Item name in Inventory because MYOB item name accepts maximum 30 characters only.