Bp VIP.net Topaz SP1 Rev 2.1 Release Notes

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These release notes describe all enhancements and modifications made to Bp VIP.net since version Topaz SP1 Rev 2 (2.1.530.013).

Bp VIP.net Topaz SP1 Revision 2.1 contains bug fixes for Australian practices using IMC and IHC Claim Reporting via Medicare Web Services and New Zealand practices using ACC Online Claiming.

This release also contains all the previous enhancements and bug fixes from Topaz SP1 Rev 2. Review the release notes to see the changes in that version. Users do not need to update to Topaz SP1 Rev2 before installing Topaz SP1 Rev2.1.

Release Date 

15 September 2022

Release version

Topaz SP1 Revision 2.1 (version 2.1.530.017)

Notes last updated

15 September 2022

What is in this release?

Bp VIP.net 2.1.530.017 contains bug fixes for Australian practices using IMC and IHC Claiming and New Zealand practices using ACC Online Claiming.

Which version can I upgrade from?

There is no version dependency for upgrading to 2.1.530.017. If you experience difficulties upgrading from your version, contact Best Practice Software Specialist Product Support. The operating system and database requirements have not changed since the last release.

When should I upgrade?

Best Practice Software recommend running the program upgrade outside of business hours to minimise the impact of the upgrade on your practice.

How do I upgrade?

Upgrade instructions are included in these release notes.

What do I do after upgrading?

You do not need to perform any configuration after you upgrade.

Upgrade Bp VIP.net to Topaz SP1 Revision 2.1 (2.1.530.017)

You should be able to upgrade to 2.1.530.017 from any version of Bp VIP.net. Best Practice Software recommend that the upgrade be performed outside of normal business hours.

Notes on upgrading

  • If you did not upgrade to the most recent version Topaz SP1 Rev 2 (2.1.530.013), review the release notes to see the changes in that version.
  • Check the version of Microsoft .NET Framework on the Bp VIP.net server and workstations. Topaz SP1 Revision 2.1 requires a minimum .NET Framework version of 4.8.
  • Copy the install file to and run the upgrade from the SQL Server database computer first. This will upgrade the Bp VIP.net database structure in preparation for terminal server or workstation upgrades.
  • If your practice uses Terminal Services, you must run the installation from the Terminal Server (after upgrading the database server).
  • Log in to the Bp VIP.net server computer as a Windows administrator. You may require Windows administrator permissions to install and update some Bp VIP.net components.

How to upgrade Bp VIP.net

  1. Back up your existing database before upgrading and test that the backup restores successfully. Information on how to back up and restore your database is available on the knowledge base.
  2. The setup.zip file will be available to download from an email supplied by Best Practice Software. The setup.zip file will save to the default Windows downloads folder.
  3. Copy the setup.zip file to the folder nominated in Setup > Facility PreferencesGeneral PreferencesLogin/Tasks tab > New version location field. This field must contain a UNC path to a network location accessible by Bp VIP.net workstations.
  4. When a user next logs in to a workstation, Bp VIP.net will detect that a new setup.zip file exists in this folder and will automatically upgrade the workstation.
  5. If your practice uses a MIMS database, check your version of MIMS and update to the latest version if available.

Bug Fixes


Release Notes


IHC Claim Reporting

When attempting to access the IHC Claim Reporting via Medicare Web Services, users experienced freezing and the eventual crash of Bp VIP.net. This has been resolved and users can run the IHC Claim Reports without issue.


IMC Claim Reporting

When running the IMC Claiming Payment Report in Bp VIP.net, Paid claims would return blank or unavailable Payment Reports. This has been resolved and users can run the IMC Claiming Payment Report without issue.


IMC Claim Reporting

When viewing the Paid claims in the IMC Claiming Screen via Medicare Web Services claims, some Paid claims with a Processing status of COMPLETE were also showing with a report status in the Payments column as REPORT_NOT_READY. This issue has been resolved and the Payments column will display the correct status.


IMC Claim Reporting

When processing the IMC Claim Reports, some claims with a Processing status of MEDICARE_REJECTED were moved to the Paid reporting screen. This issue has been resolved and rejected claims will no longer show in the paid reporting screen.


ACC Claiming

Users running Topaz SP1 Rev 2 (2.1.530.013) could not create an ACC batch from File > Accounts > Subsidiser Batching. This has been resolved and users can continue to claim without issue.