Add Provider Numbers for a User

Provider Numbers entered into the Provider IDs tab in User Administration will allow the user to access online claiming functions and will be printed onto invoices.

Add Provider numbers for a User

Set up a Provider


  • All lines require a value in the Provider Numbercolumn.
  • Additional Health Fund values can be entered via System > Data Maintenance.
  • If a Practitioner only has one Provider number for all Health Funds, or Locations, the value <ALL> can be used.

Set up a Provider number to appear on a Invoice

  1. Select Click here to add a new row.
  2. Enter in the values from each of the drop-down fields as required:

  • Health Fund = Medicare (for Medicare Online Claiming see the options below).
  • Location = Clinic location.
  • Provider Number = Medicare provider number.
  • Auth Group = disabled. Only relevant for Medicare Online Claiming.
  • MOC Active = disabled. Only relevant for Medicare Online Claiming.

IMPORTANT  This does not apply to Medicare Online Claiming or Tyro HealthPoint set up.

  1. Press the Enter key to add the row.

Set up for Medicare Online Claiming

For any provider that requires Medicare online, Bulk Bill or DVA (VAA) claiming to be processed via Bp Allied, the following must be set:

  • Health Fund = Medicare Online
  • Provider Number related to the Location and Auth Group selected
  • Location = <ALL> can not be used for Medicare Online Claiming
  • MOC Active = ticked
  • If MOC Active is left unticked, the Provider Number will not be enabled for Medicare Online Claiming.
  • See the Medicare Auth Groups report from Reports > Medicare to confirm that the Provider Number is set up for claiming.

    NOTE   All Provider Numbers need to be registered against the MinorID with Medicare. Please contact support if you have any questions about this.

    If a Provider ID has been entered incorrectly and is associated to Medicare Online, please see the actions below to manage these issues:

    • If the Provider Number has been associated with the incorrect Auth Group and there are claims against this Provider Number/Auth Group combination, the Provider will need to apply for a new number from Medicare as it cannot be removed from this Minor ID / Auth Group. A Provider Number can only be associated with one Auth Group.
    • If there are no claims and the entry has been associated with the incorrect Auth Group, then the record must be deleted and then re-added. Please call Bp Allied Support for assistance.
    • If it is a data entry issue with the Provider Number, this entry will need to be checked as “Inactive” as the line can not be amended. A new line with the correct information will need to be entered. This will enable the change to be registered correctly with the claiming portal.

    IMPORTANT  If these changes do not work, please call the Support team before trying to submit any further claims.

    Set up for Tyro HealthPoint Claiming

    Each Health Fund that a provider claims to requires an entry in the Provider IDs tab of the User Administration information. The details required are:

    • Health Fund – a line for each fund to be claimed for. The <ALL> option can be used if there are:
      • Multiple Health Funds.
      • The Provider Number is the same for each fund.
      • Funds do not need to be listed out individually on any invoices printed.

    If the <ALL> option is selected, any Health Fund without an individual listing will use the Provider Number in this line to process a Health Point claim. The Health fund used for claiming is based on the client.

    NOTE  Please note, this does NOT apply to Medicare Online Claiming. It MUST have a separate line and be specified as Medicare Online.

    ALL Health Funds

    • Location – If the Provider Number is the same for each location, the <ALL> location can be selected. If the Provider Number is different for each location, a line for each fund and location is required.
    • Provider Number – Relevant provider number for the Fund and Location.
    • Auth Group and MOC Active – Option disabled. Only relevant for Medicare Online Claiming.

    Click here for more information on Tyro HealthPoint Claiming set-up.

    Completed providers

    For a provider to be completed the MOC Active field must be checked for Medicare Online entries.

    2. Completed providers

    • The MOC Active field and Auth Group fields are disabled for all other entries.
    • An entry highlighted in red indicates that a Provider ID has been set to Inactive. This is only relevant for Medicare Online Claiming entries.

    TIP  A Provider ID can only be associated with one Auth Group.

    Inserting the Provider number into letters

    The Practitioner Provider Number field can be inserted into Letters.

    Provider Number Letters

    This field is based on the Practitioner and Location of an appointment for the selected Client.

    • The Provider Number for the relevant Location must be Active.
    • If the Location field for a Provider Number is set to <ALL>, the Practitioner Provider Number field will insert this if there is no number specified for the location.
    • If the Location field is blank, the Provider Number will not be inserted.
    • If there is more than one Provider Number for a Location, the first entry will be inserted.


    Last Updated: 15 December 2022