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Version 7, 2019


Implement a practice layout

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Steps to implement

There are a couple of steps to implementing a Practice layout:
1.     Create the layout and save it to the network
2.     Change the all users to view the Practice Layout
3.     Syncing computers will need to Sync Network Docs to receive a copy of the Practice Layout
4.     What to do if updating and maintaining a practice layout
5.     How to restore a previous copy of your layout

Change a User to View a Practice Layout

Each user on each computer, will need to do the following:
If there is more than one Bp Allied user on a computer, the Support team may be able to help with this by making a change in MPSettings.exe so that the change can be applied to all users on a computer.

Save the layout

Make the changes to the layout on your local copy of BpAllied client details. Once you have a copy to share, do the following (you must be a Bp Allied System Administrator to do this):
7. If this is a syncing computer, the user will need click Sync Network Docs to move file up to the server for distribution to the rest of the practice.

Update & Maintain a Practice layout

Because a Practice Layout is automatically updated every time you open Client details, if you are updating and maintaining it, then unless you make all your changes in one sitting and save it, any changes you make will get overwritten. To get around this, do the following:

Restore a previous copy of your layout

BpAllied automatically saves a backup copy of your layout when changes are made. You can restore one of these if you need to go back to a previous version.