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Version 4

Adding History Notes

History Notes can be added to a client. In contrast to the Consultation Notes, the History Notes only occur in the Client record once to be used at the initial consultation when gathering the relevant historical information. It can be added to over time. The Consultation Notes are designed to capture notes from each consultation. Notes added into here are available for merging into letters. The fields available for the collecting information on a client are dependent on the module that has been installed. The information in the section below is a general guide on the types of information that can be entered. The fields available for collecting client appointment information can be customised if there is additional information that needs to be collected.
Adding History Notes

Other Client Details tabs

1. Other Client Details tabs
The Client details tabs with History selected

Client History tabs

2. Client History tabs
The History tabs with Medical History selected

Text fields

3. Text fields
Text fields are used to enter in qualitative information about a client with reference to the label on the lefthand side. Once the available space is used then the scroll bars become enabled.

Medications, Medical Conditions

and Supplements tables

4. Medications, Medical Conditions
and Supplements tables
These tables enable multiple records to be added from the available list.
Click on Add New Row
The Row becomes enabled
Add a Medication by clicking the drop down list
Add additional details as requried
Press Enter to add the record to the list
Once the number of medications fills the available space the the scroll bar is enabled
Click Save to save the details to the Client Record