You are accessing documentation for myPractice version 4. This is not the latest version of Bp Allied.
Support for this product will be discontinued on 01 February 2020.
Please contact our support team about upgrading to the latest version of BpAllied to enable this implementation.
Version 4

Body Chart

The Body Chart tab is available by default for the Chiropractor and Massage Therapist Modules. It can be turned on for any other module via Options > Client Details.
Body Chart

Saved Images

1. Saved Images
Previously saved images can be selected from this list.

Body Image

2. Body Image
The selected image file is displayed and annotated here. The image shown is just a portion of the actual image available. Your own image file can be used and is specified in Options > Client Details.

Add Chart

3. Add Chart
Click to add a new chart to annotate

Colour Options

4. Colour Options
Click on one of the colour options to make your annotations in. To change colour click a different colour box.

Pointer Options

5. Pointer Options
Click on the mouse pointer options to change the type of annotations made
- Change the mouse pointer back to an an arrow (normal)
- Draw an arrow
- Draw a circle or oval
- Add text - note you need to draw a square/rectangle shape so the text can be displayed
- Draw a straight line
- Draw a sqaure or rectangle

Line Width Options

6.  Line Width Options
Click on the line width to make the annotations in

Save Chart

7. Save Chart
Click to Save the chart to the Client's record

Save as file

8. Save as file
Click to save the chart as an image file outside of myPractice.


9. Print
Click to Print the chart to the default printer.