Viewing Client Related Tasks

The Tasks tab can be added to the Client Details if not already included. Client related tasks can also be viewed via the Appointment right-click menu.
Viewing Client Related Tasks

Tasks Tab

1. Tasks Tab
The flag on the Tasks tab shows how many tasks are outstanding for this client.

Available Fields

2. Available Fields
Click to add a new row
Fill in the required fields
Task Template - chose one of these if the task is a common task so that most of the required information will be pre-populated for you
Message - Enter the task details here if no template is chosen. This can be added to even if a template is used.
User/s - select the User(s) to carry out the task. Selecting a User means that the task will appear in the Users Tasks List. This field is required.
Date Due - when the task is due to be completed. This can be entered by default if a template is selected. This date can be changed.
Completed - If ticked the task has been completed
Date Completed - The date when the task was ticked as completed
Attachment - if there was any documentation related to the task to be given to the Client. This is most likely to default in from a selected task template. It can also be manually added.
View / Edit - Views the task and allows it to be updated. The attachment can be oped from here.

Task Rows

3. Task Rows
Task rows. Two are completed. Some are coloured based on the colours chosen when the Task templates used to create the messges were created.