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Version 4

Creating tasks and templates via a Client Appointment

Tasks can be created from the Appointment Book by right clicking on a Client's appointment. This will create a task related to that Client. The Client Task Form will display all tasks related to the Client, including those that have been completed.

To View the Client Tasks Form

Right-click on the Client's appointment
Select Tasks
The Tasks Form will display
Creating tasks and templates via a Client Appointment

Client Name

1. Client Name
The Client the task will be created for

Add a new task

2. Add a new task
Click to add a new Task
Select a Task Template from the drop down, if required
Enter in the Task message
Add a Date Due (if this has not defaulted in from the Template selected)
Add User/s to complete the Task
Add Attachment if required
Press enter to add the Task to the Task List

Completed task

3. Completed task
A Task that has been completed.

Add new Task Template

4. Add new Task Template
Click to Add a new Task Template
The basic Add task Template form displays
Fill in the Task Template details as required
Click Add to Save
If the template requires attachments to be added or colours to be choosen then the template needs to be added via Data Maintenance > Task Templates.


5. Save
Click Save to save and close the Tasks Form


6. Cancel
Click Cancel to cancel any changes and close the Tasks Form.