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Version 4

Create a Task Template

Task Templates are a way of creating a standardised task for jobs that happen frequently. This means that they can include standard wording, attachments and due dates delays so that this information does not have to be rewritten each time a task is created. They could be actionable items, like check a client's blood test results prior to an appointment or used to record that specific documentation or equipment has been given to a client. Basic task templates can also be created via the Tasks option accessed through the  Appointment right click menu.
Create a Task Template

Show Filter Row check

1. Show Filter Row check
Tick this to enable the filter row. This allows the task templates records to be searched. This especially useful if the template list is long.

Template fields

2. Template fields
The available template fields
Task Name - Name of the task
Colour - assign a colour to the task row. These show up in both the Tasks tab within Client Details and the Tasks Master Report.
Filename - use the + to add an attachment to the template. Click Open to open and review the attachment. See the details below about Syncing documents.
Default Message to send/show - The message to include in the task
Default Delay before due (Days) - This automates the due date that defaults in based on the number of days entered from the date created, e.g. if the Default Delay was set to 7 and today's date is 01/01/2013 then a task based on this created today would have a due date of 08/01/2013.

Add new row

3. Add new row
Click here to add a new task template row
Fill in the fields as required

Task Templates

4. Task Templates
Example Task templates

Add or open attachment - Sync Documents

5. Add or open attachment - Sync Documents
For all installations with Syncing computers, Sync Network Docs needs to run to make any attachments available to other users. This can either be run manually via the System tab or users will need to wait until the automated Sync Network Docs has run to make the file available. The time that the automated sync run is set in System > Options > Documents.

Linked records

6. Linked records
Click on a Record in the list and Click Linked Records to see all the records that are linked to the one selected.


7. OK
Click OK to save changes and to close the Data Maintenance window.


8. Cancel
Click Cancel to disregard changes and close the Data Maintenance window


9. Apply
Click Apply to save the changes and keep the Data Maintenance window open.