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Version 4

GST Rounding

When we use currency we calculate it to 2 decimal places. This is the cent value of our transaction. Sometimes because of the prices we use and the additional calculation of GST on these prices it is necessary to round these values to get a valid amount in terms of dollars and cents. This can sometimes have the effect of making invoices look like they don't add up. This is illustrated in the example below.
For example - Invoice # 52 as shown below:
So, although the Grand Total appears to be out, it actually isn't.
GST Rounding
The issue is that if the Invoice displayed is "forced" to add up the GST will be wrong somewhere.
e.g If I make the GST Total = 3 x 19.09 (57.27) instead of 3 x 19.0875 (57.26). The invoice then looks correct
But in reality, if you calculate the 15% GST on $127.25 it is exactly $19.09. Therefore, what we are currently displaying is correct even though it looks wrong.