Differences in myPractice Live - Fully Hosted

Whilst in general the functionality available within the Fully Hosted version of myPractice is the same as if you were running it on your computer locally there are a few differences. These are detailed here:
  • Emails received can't be dragged and dropped into Client Details > Documents/Phone Calls tab. They can be saved as a Document and imported into the Client record.
  • Importing documents into a client record and/or requires that our connection to your computer has access to your computer drive. This is setup during the installation of the Remote Desktop Connection that allows the link to our server.
  • Exporting them to an Excel file and saving them to the local computer requires the same access as that of importing documents.
  • Scanning straight into myPractice is available in most instances but we need to install some software called TSScan on the local computer. There are some instances where this will not work and at this stage this has mostly been with HP scanners.
  • Viewing documents attached to a Client Record is only available within myPractice e.g. documents can't be viewed in Word or Adobe Acrobat.
  • Client Import option can't be used. Please contact support@mypractice.com.au or call 1300 95 10 65 for details so we can assist with this.
  • Email settings are different as your email provider details are not required. Localhost as the server name.
  • Automated reminders are available and are set-up by myPractice Support Staff. Please contact support@mypractice.com.au or call 1300 95 10 65 for details.