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Support for this version of myPractice has ended. This documentation is available for reference only.
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Version 4

Add an Email

You must have your emails in an email application on your local PC, e.g. in Outlook to be able to use this feature. If your emails are stored on a MAC or accessed via a web browser e.g. Internet Explorer or Safari then the emails need to be saved onto your local machine as a document and added via the Add Document option.
In the Document / Phone calls tab
Click Add an Email
In the Appointments or Clients toolbar
Click Attach Email
The Email - [Client Name] window will display
Add an Email

Client Selector

1. Client Selector
If opened from the Client Record then that Client will default into the Client field
otherwise, it will default to No Client Selected
Select the Client

Drop area

2. Drop area
Navigate to your email program
Drag and drop the required email(s) from the email program onto this window

Save & Close button

3. Save & Close button
Click Save & Close
The emails will display in the Email section of the Documents/Phone Calls tab in the selected clients record.

Cancel button

4. Cancel button
Click Cancel to close and not save the Attach Email dialog window.