Appointment Book Menu

This menu is displayed when the right mouse button is clicked on an empty timeslot in the Appointment Book.

Appointment Book Menu

New Appointment button

1. New Appointment button
Select New Appointment option to create a new appointment
This option can also be envoked by double-clicking on any timeslot within the Practitioners calendar or pressing Ctrl+n

New All Day Event button

2. New All Day Event button
Select New All Day Event to create an all day appointment
  • By default the All Day tickbox will be ticked and set the Start time to 12:00am and End time to 12:00am (the next day)
  • The rest of the appointment is created in the same way as an normal appointment for either a client or a meeting
  • An All day event displays in the Appointment Book as is shown below:

Go to Today button

3. Go to Today button
Moves the visible calendar to Today
If the Week View is displayed then Today is highlighted

Go to Date... button

4. Go to Date... button
Displays the Go To Date form
Select the Date to go to from the Calendar drop down
Choose a view to Show In, if different from the current view
Click OK
The date selected is displayed in the Appointment Book in the view selected

Change View To

5. Change View To     
Use the Change View To option to change the view of the Appointment Book displayed