You are accessing documentation for Bp Allied version 6. This is not the latest version of Bp Allied.
Support for this product will cease on 1 February 2021

Create an Appointment

Please click here to see the video on Adding an Appointment
With the Appointment Book open
Click the New Appointment button 
Double click on the coloured appointment field
The Edit Appointment form will display.
Create an Appointment


Select if the appointment is for a Client or a Meeting by clicking on one of the radio buttons
If Client Appointment selected
Choose a Client from the list
If Meeting appointment selected, then the Select a Meeting Type field becomes enabled
Choose a Meeting Type from the list
Click Casual
Click the New Client button to add a new Client
If the Client has a Red Flag note or an Outstanding Balance then these items are flagged by the appropriate icon when their name is added to the appointment, as above. Hovering over the icon will display the actual Red Flag note or the actual Outstanding amount.

New Client

2. New Client
Click this button to add a New Client into the database.
  • This adds some inital information, for example Name, Contact Number, Email Address and any reminders that are required into the database. Additional information can be added via the Client Details record once it is created.

Consultation Type

3. Consultation Type     
Choose the appropriate Consultation Type for this appointment. Consultations types can be grouped into Categories for ease of reference.

Referral Selection

If a Client has a referral nominated in the Current Referral then that referral will be attached to each new appointment created AFTER the referral has been created.
The referral details are displayed in the Referral field followed by the Referrers Provider Number, number of Appointments this Year (18) and Appointments Remaining (1) on that referral also being displayed. If there is no referral selected for the appointment the Remaining field is set to N/A.
Otherwise, Select the appropriate Referral from the dropdown list.

To add a new referral

Click the + at the right of the Referral field and follow these instructions to Add a New Referral.

Set a referral as Current

A referral can be set as the current referral by selecting it in the Referral dropdown and then right clicking on the selection and clicking Set as Current Referral.
The following message will display after the referral has been updated:
A referral can be updated or viewed in Client Details > Referrals.

Start Time/End Time

5. Start Time/End Time
Choose the Start date by clicking on the down arrow
This displays a calendar with which you can select the date of the appointment
Type the date into the field
Choose the Start Time by clicking on the up and down arrows
OR type the time into the field
Follow the same steps above to update the End Time.
  • If a Duration has been entered for a Consultation Type then the default End Time will display based on the Start Time selected.
Note: Appointments can be moved around the calendar by dragging and dropping.

Set an appt reminder

6. Set an appt reminder 
A reminder can be set on the appointment to pop up at a designated time prior to the start of the appointment.


7. Practitioner
Select the Practitioner the appointment has been created for.
A warning displays if the Practitioner chosen is not the Practitioner selected in the Client Details


8. Location
This is set by default to the location set within Practitioner Availability for the time of the Appointment.

Appointment Notes

9. Appointment Notes
Add any notes relating to the appointment here.


10. Status
Select the Status of the appointment.
  • Status is used to show if the appointment is a tentative booking, or if the appointment is out of the office etc. 

All day event

11. All day event
  • Check All Day if the appointment is scheduled for the whole day.

Client has Arrived

12. Client has Arrived
This box can be ticked to indicate that the Client has arrived. It changes the icons displayed in the appointment book.


13. Reminders
Tick the type of Reminder the client wishes to receive. 
  • Reminders are used to send out a message to the client to remind them of their appointment.
  • If the client has this information set in their Client Details then it will automatically display in the appointment when the client's name is selected from the drop down menu. 
  • Once the reminder is sent a tick will be shown in the Sent box.

Appointment Created

14. Appointment Created
Appointment Created shows the date in which the appointment was first created.  This may not be changed.
Appointment Created By shows who first created the appointment.  This may not be changed.

Recurrence button

15. Recurrence button
  • Recurring appointments can only be used for meetings, lunch breaks etc. 
  • These appointment types do not have the same functionality as a normal Client Appointment as Consultation Notes can not be attached.
  • Use the Copy Appointment option to make multiple appointments for a client.

Cancelled Appointment

16. Cancelled Appointment
Tick the Cancelled box if the appointment/meeting has been cancelled. 
The Cancellation Reason drop down list will be displayed
Select the appropriate Cancellation Reason
The appointment will display in the Appointment Book in red (by default)
  • A cancelled appointment can be Invoiced as long as this is done prior to cancellation. When cancelling after Invoicing click No to the dialog box asking to delete the appointment.

OK button

17. OK button
Click OK to finish creating the appointment.

Cancel button

18. Cancel button
Click to Cancel the entering/editing of the appointment.