Appointment Book Layout

This section covers the various areas of the Appointment Book screen and links to pages that explain particular functions in more detail.
Appointment Book Layout

Close Window Menu

1. Close Window Menu
This icon access the Close Window Menu. This is a standard windows feature. Details of the menu can be found in the Glossary.

Quick Access Toolbar

2. Quick Access Toolbar 
Click on the icon buttons to open a few of the most common functions in Bp Allied, for example: add a new Appointment or find a Client.
Hover over the icon to find out what the icon does or click here to see more details on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Quick Access Menu

3. Quick Access Menu
Click on the drop down arrow to open a variety of commonly accessed functional areas of Bp Allied, for example: Data Maintenance or Help.
Click here to see more detail on the Quick Access Menu.

Navigation tabs

4. Navigation tabs
This tab (or ribbon) includes all of the functions available within the Appointment Book.
The System tab is available throughout Bp Allied regardless of the functional area currently in use. It accesses functions used to manage Bp Allied such as Data Maintenance or Options.
The Help tab is available throughout Bp Allied regardless of the functional area currently in use. It accesses the help functions within Bp Allied such as Online Help or Remote Support

Minimise, Maximise, Close Buttons

5. Minimise, Maximise, Close Buttons
The are the standard windows control buttons. Additional details on these buttons can be found in the Glossary.

Date Selector

6. Date Selector
Used to select a relevant date. Additional details can be found within the Appointment Date Selector page.

Today button

7. Today button
Click this button to display today's date in the Appointment Book.

Module Access Toolbar

Click these links to open the named Bp Allied function.

Appointments diary

9. Appointments diary
View any appointments or meetings scheduled in the diary for the selected Practitoner. New appointments can also be created from here.

Appointment Book Right-hand Toolbar

10. Appointment Book Right-hand Toolbar Click the links to view the detailed function. Click here for more details.

Practitioner Diary Selector

11. Practitioner Diary Selector
A button is created for each Practitioner to enable toggling between just their diary or your "standard" appointment book setup.

Status Bar

This toolbar shows the status of various aspects of Bp Allied. Most importantly it shows the Synchronisation status and whether Bp Allied is currently contacting a network or local database.