You are accessing documentation for Bp Allied version 6. This is not the latest version of Bp Allied.
Support for this product will cease on 1 February 2021

Add a New Client

Use the New Client form to add a new client into your Bp Allied database.
Add a New Client


1. Name
Enter a First Name and Last Name for a client.
This is the ONLY information required to be entered into this screen. The OK button could be pressed and an appointment for the client made.
For Medicare, DVA  and Patient Claims the following rules apply:
  • Characters accepted are alpha-numeric characters, apostrophes, hyphens and spaces, however there can be NO spaces immediately before or after the apostrophes and hyphens.
  • The maximum field length is 40 characters. If the maximum field length is exceeded, the following type of warning will display:
  • The following characters can NOT be used when entering a First Name or Last Name fields. All practices who have Medicare Online Claiming enabled will automatically have these checked for when adding or editing a client and sending a claim.
 ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) , . ? / { } | + = : ; [ ] < > " ` ~
An example of the warning that will display in the First name or Last name fields if they do not meet the validation criteria.
The name will need to be changed before it can be saved.
Tip: Enter the Clients name as it appears on their Medicare card. Use the Preferred name field for any names that the client prefers to be called, it will show up in brackets on the Appointment Book screen.


  • O’Toole – Valid
  • O’ Toole – Invalid (one or more spaces after apostrophe)
  • ‘Toole – Invalid (one or more spaces before apostrophe)
  • Anne-Marie – Valid
  • Anne -Marie – Invalid (one or more spaces before hyphen)
  • Anne- Marie – Invalid (one or more spaces after hyphen)
Preferred Names
  • Robert AKA Bob – Valid
  • Robert (Bob) – Invalid (’(’ and ‘)’ are not one of the allowed characters)

Possible Matches

2. Possible Matches
Once you begin typing a name into this form you may be displayed a list of possible matches, review this list to ensure you do not add the same client into the database twice.  You can double click the client displayed in this Possible Matches area to go to their record and cancel entering a new client.

Additional Demographic Fields

3. Additional Demographic Fields
Enter additional demographic fields as required

Address Fields

4. Address Fields
Enter Address information
If an address is entered then the Suburb MUST be entered. The selection of a Suburb adds a Postcode onto the address.
Additional addresses can be added in the Client Details

Practitioner Selector

5. Practitioner Selector
Select the Practitioner who will see the client.
Multiple practitioners can be selected to access a client's record after the initial Client's information has been saved.

Add a Referral

6. Add a Referral
Add a Referral to the Clients details.
  • This allows the additional of a referral using the most basic information. The referral may need to have additional information added to it via the Client Details at a later stage.
  • The Referred by (Client) field has been removed from this section and can be added as a separate field via the Customise Layout option.

Contact Details

7. Contact Details
Select the Phone Type
Enter the phone number for the client. 
  • Only one phone number can be entered here. Additional numbers can be entered via the Client Details screen.
  • A Mobile Number is required to be entered if SMS Reminder is selected.
Enter an Email Address for the client. 
  • An Email Address is required to be entered if Email Reminder is selected.
Additional email addresses can be added in the Client Details
Additional phone numbers can be added in the Client Details

Appointment Reminders

8. Appointment Reminders
Select any appointment reminders the client wishes to receive.

Billing Information

9. Billing Information
Preferred Payment type can be set so that when a payment is taken this option is automatically selected
Bill to sets the Third Party to be selected when Invoicing
Add DVA and medicare information if required
Please note that if Medicare Online Claiming is to be used for either Medicare or DVA billing then these values will need to be verified within the Client Details form.

Customise Layout

10. Customise Layout
The customisation of the Add a New Client is discussed specifically by following this link. Included in this is a list of fields available for inclusion.

OK button

11. OK button
Click OK to add the New Client to the database.

Cancel button

12. Cancel button
Click Cancel to abort entering a New Client and close the form.