Why can't I see my newly added document or referrer?

Example 1: You've opened a client to add a referral but then realise that you need to add the Referrer. So then you open Data Maintenance and add the Referrer. But, when you go back to the Client you still can't see the new referrer!
The current load of referrer information does not know about your new referrer because it was already open
To be able to see the new referrers details in the Clients record you need to click the circular arrow next to the Referrer name in the Referral.
Example 2: You've saved a new letter to a Client record. If the Client is open, then you will not see the new record of the letter in Documents\Phone Calls tab until you click Display Client in the Client's Toolbar.
Because this reloads the information in the drop down lists. It has to do this to be able to pick up the new referrers information so you can add the referral.