Setting Bp Allied TYRO Eftpos options

Before setting the options for TYRO EFTPOS in Bp Allied please see the details on setting up the Tyro Terminal Adapter.
Setting Bp Allied TYRO Eftpos options


1. Vendor
Requirements for the Tyro Terminal Adapter

Site Reference

2. Site Reference
Used by Tyro to identify a customer location/site. This is not used in the processing of any payments or refunds.

Default Merchant and Terminal ID

3. Default Merchant and Terminal ID
The Default MID (Merchant ID) and Default TID (Terminal ID) both come from the Tyro Terminal Adapter. TYRO supplies this information.
It is used at the start up of Bp Allied to confirm that the Tyro Terminal Adapter (TTA) is installed on the computer and paired with the EFTPos terminal. TTA needs to be installed and paired prior to Bp Allied starting up. If it is installed after Bp Allied is open, then Bp Allied will need to be restarted.
Bp Allied can manage mulitple merchant ID's. A separate Merchant ID can be set up in Bp Allied for any individual practitioner. The merchant ID must be obtained from Tyro. This is set up in Options > User Administration > Banking.

Tyro Version

4. Tyro Version
Looks at the Tyro Terminal Adapter installed and shows the version number.
Enables access to the Tryo Adapter in the Control Panel for pairing.

OK, Cancel and Apply

5. OK, Cancel and Apply
Click OK to save changes and to close the options window.
Click Cancel to disregard changes and close the options window.
Click Apply to save the changes and keep the options window open.