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Version 4

How to create Labels

Follow the steps below to create labels using a previously created Label Template.
How to create Labels

Wizard toolbar

1. Wizard toolbar
Use the Label Wizard for a one time only run of labels.

Step 1 - Select a Template

2. Step 1 - Select a Template
Select a Template from the drop down list or letters list on the left

Step 2 - List Selection

3. Step 2 - List Selection
The next part is choosing who to include in the merge
Click on List Selection
The Client Listing screen will display
Select whether to merge Clients or Referrers details
Select either specific people by clicking the tick boxes
Use the Select All button to select the whole lot
In the example we’re doing we choose to merge a selection of clients
Click OK

Merge Options - Show Borders

4. Merge Options - Show Borders
To create labels without printing borders untick the Show Borders check box (NB the box will show as unticked one you move off the button)

Merge Options - Page Setup

5. Merge Options - Page Setup
Use the Orientation button to select Portrait or Landscape
Use Size button to select the page size

Step 3 - Merging

6. Step 3 - Merging
Click Start Merge to put it all together
The merged labels will display in the preview window where they can be printed, emailed or saved
Print & Print Preview can be used to print the label template
Save Template saves the Label template for future use.