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Version 4

View Ribbon

The View ribbon includes some options to change how you view the Letter Editor/
View Ribbon

Document Views

1. Document Views
These change the view of the document. It is set to Print Layout by default.
  • A simple view shows a document without a page layout. This view can be useful when you want to concentrate on text editing.
  • The draft view is a view without pagination. It does not display complex formatting features that are most appropriate to the page layout. You can use it for the simplest representation of the document, as well as quick text editing. In draft view the horizontal ruler is available.
  • The print layout view is intended to display all formatting in the document, including complex formatting, and can be used to preview the document printout.

Show Rulers

2. Show Rulers
These are used to turns the Rulers displayed in Page layout view on and off.


3. Zoom
Zoom allows you to increase and decrease the size of the document you are viewing.