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Support for this version of myPractice has ended. This documentation is available for reference only.
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Version 4

Edit Ribbon

Edit Ribbon

Editing Toolbar

1. Editing Toolbar
Cut, Copy and Paste work as they would in any other editing package
  • Select Cut to Cut information from your document and store this on your clipboard. 
  • Click Copy to copy selected information from your document to the clipboard. 
  • Click Paste to paste information stored on your clipboard into the document.

Formatting Toolbar

2. Formatting Toolbar
Use this toolbar to format your document.

Header/Footer toolbar

3. Header/Footer toolbar
Toggle between header and footer, exit the header, go to first page header of document and delete header.

Insert Toolbar

4. Insert Toolbar
The Insert Toolbar allows you to Insert the Current User Name, this will be the user you are currently logged on as, insert the Date/Time field into a document or Insert the day of the week into the document.

Table Toolbar

5. Table Toolbar
Use this toolbar to insert a table into your document, insert new rows and cells, delete the table, split cells, select rows, cells and the table and change the properties of your table.

Spelling Toolbar

6. Spelling Toolbar
Check the spelling within your document.