You are accessing documentation for myPractice version 4. This is not the latest version of Bp Allied.
Support for this product will be discontinued on 01 February 2020.
Please contact our support team about upgrading to the latest version of BpAllied to enable this implementation.
Version 4

Adding a Referral

The information captured in myPractice about a referral is entirely upto the business entering in the information. However, if the referral information is to be included in an Invoice then it would seem prudent to capture the Referrer, Referral Date and the Referrers Provider Number.

Adding a Referral

Client Details tabs

1. Client Details tabs
The Client Details tabs.
The Referrals tab is selected to enable entry of a Referral.

Add a referral

2. Add a referral
Click + to add a new Referral

Current Referral tick box

3. Current Referral tick box
Current Referral is ticked by default. Because a client can have multiple referrals it is necessary to identify the current one.
  • If the Current Referral tickbox is ticked then this referral is automatically added to an Appointment when it is created.
  • Untick the Current Referral tickbox on all previous referrals.

Referral Details

4. Referral Details
Select Referral Reason and Referrer from the drop down list
  • If the appropriate reason or referrer are not in the list then these can be entered in via System > Data Maintenance > Referral Reason or Referrers.
Enter in any additional details required
Enter in the Referral Date or select the drop down arrow and choose the date from the calendar

Duration Details

5. Duration Details
Enter in Duration (Months) and/or Duration (No of Visits)
Quantity Remaining and Quantity Used are both calculated fields based on the appointments created with the referral attached

Identification numbers

6. Identification numbers
Enter in an identification number if required
  • Claim / Order No can be displayed on an Invoice if required

Referred by Client

7. Referred by Client
If the Client has been referred by another Client the referring Clients name can be entered into here.


8. Notes
Add any Notes required here

Save the Referral

9. Save the Referral
Click the tick to Save the Referral


10. Customise
Click on the Customize button to customise the fields that are displayed within the Referral entry form.
The Records with a tick next to them are included in the Referral Form
To add a field to be displayed click in the white space to the left of the field name
To remove a field from display click on the tick
Click on the word Sort: once to sort ascending or twice to sort descending
Click on the word Filter to display the filter options
Choose an option from the list to filter by
If Custom is choosen then the following Custom AutoFilter dialog box is displayed.
Choose the relevant filter option
  • The "Enter a Value" drop down box will include only options relevant to field being filtered on
  • Click OK
For details on how to carry out additional Custom filters go to the Grouping and Filtering section.

Client Creation dates

11. Client Creation dates
These fields display who initially created the client and when as well as when the latest update was and by whom for auditing purposes. Additional auditing information can be found using the Audit Log.

Missing from this screen shot

Other HP's to copy referral to - Note any additional Health Practitioners to copy the referral to here. This can be merged into a Letter