Changing the settings within MPSettings.exe could seriously affect how Bp Allied functions. Please DO NOT change any settings without the guidance of the Bp Allied Support team. Please call, email or log onto remote support if you are experiencing technical difficulties with Bp Allied.


Is editable in Options*


Default Date Format
This is the default date format used in letters when a date merge field is used
Default File Save Location**
Usually set to the users Desktop
Local Document Folder**
If the computer is a Direct Connection then this location will be the same as the Network Document Location
Network Document Location
Preferred Document Save Type
Choose .doc or .docx
Preferred Excel File Format
Choose .xls or .xlsx
Template Location**
Location of the letter templates. This is usually C:\Users\Public\Documents\myPractice.
* Some settings that are stored in MPSettings are editable from System > Options in the Bp Allied User Interface.
** The locations given are for the standard Bp Allied setup for Windows 7 and 8 computers. For Windows Vista and XP replace 'C:\Users\Public' with 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users' and the rest of the path is usually the same. Please note that some Practices may have a setup that differs from this.