Changing the settings within MPSettings.exe could seriously affect how Bp Allied functions. Please DO NOT change any settings without the guidance of the Bp Allied Support team. Please call, email or log onto remote support if you are experiencing technical difficulties with Bp Allied.


Is editable in Options*


ABN or Australian Business Number
Display Invoice watermark
Watermark that displays behind the invoice detail
GST Rate
Amount of GST applicable for that country - 10% Australia, 15% New Zealand. Saved in the DBOptions table.
Invoice template Location**
Location of the Invoice Templates. This is usually C:\Users\Public\Documents\myPractice\Invoice Templates.
Payment template
Location of the Payment Templates. This is usually C:\Users\Public\Documents\myPractice\Invoice Templates
Practice Logo File
Location of the practice logo file
Show Deleted/Voided Transactions
Editable in the Invoice toolbar.
Show Client ID in 3rd party Invoices
Use the ClientID in the Invoice Item list instead of the Client name
Standard Invoice Template
The default invoice for a standard Client Invoice
Statement Location ID
The default location address to be put on the statement
Statement Template
The default template for a statement
Third party Invoice temaple
The default invoice for Third Party invoice
Watermark text
Text used in the Watermark. Ignored if the Display Invoice Watermark option is set to false.
* Some settings that are stored in MPSettings are editable from System > Options in the Bp Allied User Interface.
** The locations given are for the standard Bp Allied setup for Windows 7 and 8 computers. For Windows Vista and XP replace C:\Users\Public with C:\Documents and Settings\All Users and the rest of the path is usually the same. Please note that some Practices may have a setup that differs from this.