Creating a DVA Claim including Travel Claim

This section covers two things:
Follow the standard Client Invoice creation process as described in Creating Client Invoices with DVA Claim until the point where the Payment Processing dialog box is displayed.
When the Payment Processing dialog box is displayed, Click No
In the new Invoice that displays, click Add Item
The Add Invoice Item dialog box will appear
Search for the Item Code ‘KM’
Click Add
This item is added to enable the return Payment from DVA to be added onto the invoice.
Click Add Payment
Select Payment Method = DVA Allied Health Claim
Click OK
The Claim Details - VAA Screen will appear
Use the Record navigation at the bottom of the screen to move to the Item where Item Number = ‘KM’
Into Distance, enter in the total kilometres travelled
CONFIRM and Lodge Claim

Updating of a Client Invoice with the KM payment amount

When a claim is paid by DVA then the payment for the kilometres travelled will be returned along with all the Benefit Paid information in the Medicare Claim History Report when the Check Status (All) button is clicked.
When this information is received and the Claim becomes ‘COMPLETE’, the related invoice is updated. The KM line item is updated with the kilometres benefit paid amount and the Grand Total for the Invoice and Paid amount are adjusted accordingly. This payment is logged into the Invoice History.