Setting up DVA Claiming

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Bp Allied is integrated with the DVA Veterans Affairs Allied system and allows an individual patient appointment that qualifies for VAA funding to be processed.  The following information is required to be entered into Bp Allied to allow the claim to me made:
Whilest DVA claiming is processed as a payment type against the invoice there are a few special cases that need to be set up to be able to claim these items.

General Rules



To be able to claim kilometres, two things need to happen:
To be able to be claimed, the location that the appointment or invoice is set against must not have a Location Type = R (Rooms), e.g. it should be set to V = Home Visit in most Allied situations.
It must be related to the appointment being claimed.
The KM claimed must be over 10 BUT the total distance travelled must be entered
Creating the KM Item
Prior to creating a claim, a new DVA Kilometres item needs to be created in Data Maintenance > Products and Services with the following details:

Speech Pathology

All Speech pathology claims require an appointment length to be added into the Item Details tab of the claim screen. If this is not added then the claim will be rejected.


The Loading amount is not actually sent to DVA. It is automatically added when the relevant Item Code is claimed for and the location is not set to Rooms.
There is currently no provision in Bp Allied to manage claims that incur loading.

FBN (Fee by negotiation) Items

These items are all included in the DVA Claims schedule but the price is set to $0 and FBN is appended to the description.
To be able to claim kilometers the following item needs to be set up in Data Maintenance > Products & Services:
Item Code = DVA Item Code as per the schedule
Description = this can be whatever needs to be displayed on the clients invoice
Sell Price = $0
To claim FBN Items
Create an invoice for the client
When the Accept a Payment now window displays click No
Edit the Sell Price with the negotiated fee
Click Add Payment to process a claim as normal